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Roku Account Login – Setup Roku Account & Activate 

Streaming is always a bliss but setting up the streaming player is not. Streamers will know how painful it is to configure the Roku device. Creating a Roku account is mandatory to progress with the device activation. The account is very essential and plays an important role in your  activation process.

Why do you Need a Roku account?

  • Roku setup is all about creating a Roku account and linking it with your Roku streaming player.
  • Setting up the account will not take much of your time.
  • Once you are done with the account creation, link it with the Roku device.
  • Roku account will help you to manage the subscriptions, purchases, viewing history and more.
  • The account will get hold of the information like which Roku devices you own, preferences, settings and installed channels

Steps to Create a Roku Account 

  • Visit the, enter your name, email, password and confirm the password by entering it once again.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and also verify that you are 18 years or above by clicking the checkmarks. 
  • Tap on the Continue option and progress through the steps.
  • You will be directed to PIN preferences page which is eventually the second step in the Roku sign up the process.
  • Creating a Roku account PIN is not mandatory but it will safeguard your account preventing unauthorized channel purchases.
  • Once you set the PIN, tap on Continue to progress through the final setup.
  • You will see the Roku account sign in page which comprises of the necessary account settings such as add channel, subscriptions, purchase history and there is an option to deactivate to your Roku account also.
  • If you want to update your account details, just visit the with your credentials and alter.

Roku Account Pin to Prevent Unauthorized Channel Purchase

  • Go to
  • Just provide the code in the required space to link the device and navigate to the pin preference tab.
  • Then, just tap on the update button and then carry on with the instructions.
  • The best part is that you have three options to set the pin.

Users can just choose the option based on the requirements.

  • The next step will prompt you to enter the digits in the pin field. Make sure that are four digits.
  • The last and the final step is to just tap on the save button.
  • Just wait and the Roku account Pin creation process will now complete.

Steps to Activate Roku Using Link

You can activate your Roku player by following the simple steps mentioned below;

  • In the web browser, enter the address and the Roku home page will load
  • Get your Roku activation code by doing the necessary payment credential step
  • To get this Roku activation code, you need to have an individual Roku account Login
  • If you are an existing user, access the account, or else click the ‘ Create Account’ option
  • Upload all the personal information in the field such as First name, email address etc and create a strong password for your account
  • And ensure you enter the case sensitive characters in your password correctly
  • You have to create a PIN to make the purchase on Roku private channel codes
  • So, create a unique PIN for your account
  • The user can choose any payment method to finish the account sign-in process by selecting net banking or card payments for the payment transaction
  • For particular channel purchase, enter the Roku channel store and search for your choice of channels
  • You can get your channel packages based on different kind of payment plans and free channels are also available

Roku Channel Activation

From device
From account

Roku TV 

Roku introduces a lot of TV brands in the market today and TCL is one of the latest ones. Select the best brand that suits your interest and start the device setup. Complete the Roku device setup and connect the best streaming device to the Roku TV and have a good time streaming top channels that you like.

TCL Roku TV Brands

The latest and the best TCL Roku TV brands available include TCL 6 SERIES, TCL 55 Inch TV. There are a lot of other brands too and the specifications of each model vary. Check out device reviews, you will get an idea about the features and specifications and be able to choose the best device model.

TCL Roku TV Brands

TCL Roku TV Brands

Guidelines to Setup your Roku TV

  • To start with, just connect all the required cables that include the HDMI cables and the power cables.
  • Insert the cables into the respective slots
  • A good speed network connection is required to set up the Roku device and we suggest you to use the network connection to obtain better speed.
  • Look for the Ethernet port located at the back of the device and you can use it to connect the Ethernet cable if you prefer a wired connection.
  • On the display screen, the language can be selected

Link your Device Using Roku Account

  • If you have an existing Roku account, Just sign in with the credentials
  • is the page where you can provide the link code to activate the device.
  • Provide the valid Roku link code in the required space
  • Go forward with the onscreen instructions that are visible on the screen to complete the device setup.
  • Navigate to the Roku channel store and start adding the channels that you like and spend your time watching top programs collections on your Roku TV.

Troubleshoot the errors if you come across any and you can make use of the tips available. Just identify the type of error first and resolve it right away. Connect the Roku streaming Player to the TV and Start using your Roku TV.

Issues Encountered During the Setup Process

roku setup

TV not displaying the link screen

Device does not recognize the Wi-Fi network



On this occasion, check if you are connecting to the correct network. Verify the name and password corresponding to the network from another device.


Router Settings

Otherwise, access the router settings and obtain the relevant details. Now, re-connect to the network using the correct credentials.



Therefore, make sure you enter the password carefully. Call the toll-free support number if you are unable to connect to your network.

Device does not recognize the LAN

roku account

With the help of our website,, you can setup the Roku, troubleshoot network, channel and device issues with technical assistance. The guided help available from us is highly professional in nature and therefore you can trust us with your Roku issues. Besides, we also lend chat support for quick solutions to any complex Roku problem that you encounter during the streaming or setup process. Call us at our toll-free number to see for yourselves the quality of Roku service that you can receive for your streaming device, TV or Stick.


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