Sign up for CBS All Access on your Roku Device

CBS All access channel is well known for the interesting programs telecasted and you can start the activation with the help of a set of activation guidelines. Add the channel and stay tuned to watch the programs that you like.

You can overcome the errors with the help of the set of troubleshooting instructions and you need not worry if you come across any.

Interesting Series to Watch on the Channel

CBS All access original series such as The Good Fight, The talk, Elementary, Madam secretary and a few more are always preferred by the viewers.

Keep your  Streaming Device Ready

If the device is new complete the initial setup. You can connect the required cables, set the display if you require and a lot more. Always try to establish a network connection using a router that has top specifications and features.

It is important to choose the best device model with amazing features. Features differ for each device model.

Activate CBS All Access on Roku

You can add and Activate CBS All Access on Roku in primarily two ways. You can use your remote to add the channel or open the Roku website through a laptop or PC to add it.

Activate CBS All Access on Roku

Activate CBS All Access on Roku

How to Add the CBS All Access Channel to your Account?

Get the access to login to the Roku account. The process of account creation is really easy and you can type the name, username and the password in the available space. Press the submit tab and you can create the account.

Adding the Channel to your Account

  • Navigate to the channel store and Sign in to account using Roku account credentials.
  • You can find the channel if you type the channel name in the search tab.
  • It will take around 24 hours for the added channel to appear on the screen.

CBS All Access Channel Activation Procedure

  • Once you add the channel provide the credit card details and the Roku account PIN.
  • It is always good to secure the account with this pin and it will help you to prevent the unauthorized channel purchase
  • Keep going with the onscreen guide to complete the CBS All Access channel activation procedure.

How to Sign up for your CBS All Access Channel?

To sign up and activate you can visit the respective webpage and provide the required channel activation code. Users who want to access the free trial can also can sign up here. Create a CBS all access account and use the credentials for login.

For Viewers Who come Across the Activation and Setup Errors

  • Check the streaming device setup and make sure that it is accurate
  • It is important to check the validity of the Roku account and the CBS All Access account
  • Execute the onscreen guide promptly and make sure that you do not miss any of the steps
  • Connect the device to the network that has good speed
  • You can resolve most of the errors if you perform a quick restart of your device.

Adding the Channel

Through the Remote

  • Press the Home button on the remote to go to the player’s main page
  • Navigate to the channel store and look for Streaming Channels
  • You will find CBS All Access under the Movies and TV category
  • Click on the icon and the Add Channel option will appear
  • From here onwards simply follow instructions on the screen

Mobile Devices

  • Access the Roku website and follow the Create a Roku account command or the Sign in instruction depending on whether you already have an account or are visiting the site for the first time

New Users to CBS

  • Launch the CBS All Access channel once you have added it to the Roku player using Roku
  • You will see the Welcome screen once the channel opens up
  • Follow the instructions on the screen after you select Sign Up for CBS All Access
  • But before that here are the subscription plans available on the channel.

Subscription Plans

  • Users can either choose the Limited Commercials Plan or the Commercial Free Plan
  • The Limited Commercials Plan costs just $5.99 per month plus any taxes imposed by the state
  • You can watch on-demand shows with some commercial advertisement interruptions
  • Those who choose the Commercial Free plan can enjoy watching premium on-demand programming with restricted commercial interruptions at just $9.99 per month plus any applicable taxes
  • For users who wish to save over 15% of their subscription can go in for the annual plan where both commercial-free as well as limited commercial programming is available for $59.99 per year
  • The plan features over 10,000 episodes from shows in the current and past seasons
  • You can stream these shows on devices other the Roku as well

Commercial Free CBS All Access

If you would like to sign up for the Commercial Free tier of CBS All Access as a new subscriber then first open the channel on the Roku device

Here choose as follows:

      • Sign Up for CBS All Access -> Commercial Free
      • To complete the billing you will have to follow instructions to share your information
      • Additionally, you may also be required to enter the Roku PIN if you have created one
      • After that you will be automatically redirected to the main page of CBS All Access
      • You just have to select Sign in here to enjoy the channel absolutely commercial free

Complete the channel activation with the assistance and guidance of our agents. The team is certified to resolve all the queries of the customers. Call us @ +1-844-309-1320.

Go to the respective webpage to get more updates about channel activation.

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