Select the Required Input for Roku Streaming Device

In order to operate any streaming device that you use, it is important to select the required input. As there are multiple input ports available you can choose it as per your requirement. Let us have a quick walk through of the steps to choose the device input that you require for desired Roku Setup.

If you end up with errors start the troubleshooting right away and we have a lot of troubleshooting guidelines to avoid it

Common Input Ports

The input ports available on your device include HDMI1, HDMI2, Ethernet port, composite audio-video port and a few more. It is important to use quality cables to use the ports and therefore, we suggest checking out the reviews available to find out the model that suits your streaming device

HDMI Ports

The HDMI ports available on your device always depend upon the streaming device models that you use. All most all the latest streaming device models arrive with these ports and have HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports

  • To use this port check if the HDMI port on the device match with the HDMI port on the TV
  • Once you identify the compatible port start sliding the HDMI cable

Composite Audio video Cables

The old TV models have the port to connect the composite audio video cables as these models will not have the HDMI ports.

Ethernet Port

Slide the Ethernet cable to this port if you require a wired network connection and then, you can start establishing a good speed network

Are you Getting Errors While Using these Ports?

To avoid input errors popup that popup here we suggest the troubleshooting guide.If you do not choose the valid input you will receive an error message and its time to troubleshoot it. Check out some of the tips below

  • Always double-check and then, ensure that you slide the input cables properly to the required port
  • Try to use good quality HDMI cables if you prefer using HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 ports
  • Verify if the port on the TV match with the port on your streaming device that you use
  • Disconnect all the cables, take it out and connect the cables back again to resolve most of the errors
  • Suggest resetting the device and check if you can avoid the errors

Now select the input on your streaming device and TV to get the output. Start streaming the programs that you love the most

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