Activate Your Roku Streaming Device Using Account

To activate and link your Roku Streaming device, Go to The entire process involves a series of activation steps. Start preparing your Roku device and execute the onscreen guide to complete the setup and activation. Roku streaming device thus becomes your streaming companion and you will definitely enjoy watching the top and best channels. The interesting part is that the Roku com link setup instructions remain the same for all the models. Troubleshoot the errors if you come across any using the troubleshooting guide available.

Device Activation Steps account creation and device setup (Guided setup process – Language and display selection)

Establish a good speed network connection and link the device using

Execute the instructions and troubleshoot the device setup and activation errors

Essential Requirements for Roku com link Setup 

There are some essential requisites that are unavoidable and you must collect it before you proceed with the setup and activation process.

  • Good speed network connection – Wireless and wired connection
  • Roku account and get Roku activation code to link the streaming device
  • Essential cables and accessories to connect the device (Power cable and power adapter, Ethernet cable and HDMI cable)
  • Webpage to link the device –
  • To Create a Roku Account – The Roku account is essential to link your Roku device. Create a Roku link account by providing the required information (name, password and email ID). Now click on the submit tab and start executing the onscreen guide. Network Connection

How to Link your Roku Streaming Device using Code?

To link your Roku streaming device using the account you must have a good speed network connection and the Roku link activation code and the best part is simple if you follow the onscreen instructions promptly.

Establish a Good Speed Network Connection

  • To start with connecting the streaming device to the router using an Ethernet cable if you prefer the wired network connection.
  • Then establish the wireless network connection choose the option wireless from the device display screen and provide the credentials. If the network connection is successful green checkmarks will be visible.
  • In the event that you find any errors and If it is a red checkmark go for a quick troubleshooting guide

Use the Activation Code to Link the Device

  • Once you tap on the page,  a space or the login page will be visible where you can provide the Roku activation code.
  • Enter code in the required space and the device will be automatically linked to the Roku account. Always type the code promptly to avoid the Roku activation code errors.
  • Finally, carry on with the guidelines visible on the screen to complete the process

To Add your Favorite Channels to the Account

  • Login to the Roku account using the credentials and navigate to the channel store.
  • Type the channel name which you want to add or activate.
  • Select it and click on the add channel option to add the channel to your account.
  • To activate the pay channels pay the subscription charges.
  • Setting up a Roku account pin will help you to prevent the unauthorized channel purchase.
add Channels to Roku Account

Roku Channels

Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve the Errors?

  • To start with check and make sure that you use the right page to link the Roku streaming device
  • Always use a good speed network connection and connect your device. The wireless method is widely preferred by the users
  • Also, verify the channel activation code which you use for the activation. Always make sure that you type the code promptly in the required space.
  • Choose the respective settings on your device to get a new code.
  • Now Enter Roku com link code in the required space and make a note that the codes and the passwords are case sensitive.
  • Now go for a quick restart or system update of your device (settings>system and system restart)
  • Your Roku account must be active. If not deactivate the account and then activate it again. While you create the account it is important to provide the valid information (name, email ID and password)
  • Check the cable connection (Ethernet and HDMI cable). The right port must be selected and the cables must be attached firmly. Get a new cable if the existing one is not working. The best part is that Premium HDMI cable can offer you good quality output
  • Besides, do not miss any of the activation steps
  • Most of the users come across the HDCP unauthorized content disabled error. Check the HDMI cable connection if you come across any.
  • In addition, check the device software and make sure that it is the latest and updated version. If not uninstall the existing software and install the updated version

Furthermore to know the steps to activate and link your streaming device. Refer the instructions available on our webpage All you need to do is to ring the toll-free number +1-844-309-1320 and talk to our network team and we offer the required support and assistance to our customers 24/7.