Activating your Roku account is a pre-requisite to initiate the process of availing the channels and activation. Roku account is required so as to support the channel list and thereafter to alter the same.

In addition to that,it helps adjust the device settings, the IP address of your streaming device network and the preferences as a priority. Moreover, the user needs to create a distinct username as well as the password.

Know – How to Create an Account on

Roku account helps the user to secure all his settings, references, channel subscription and the login credentials. The user can avail activation of the desired channels on Roku TV by creating an account.

How to Activate Roku Com Link Account?

  • The user can Create a Roku account on
  • The next step is setting the user name and password uniquely
  • Once the login details are done the webpage navigates to the confirmation code activation link
  • The account activation is confirmed only when the user successfully verifies the Passcode of the code Activation

Once the user switches on the device the user needs to follow the instructions that flash on the screen.

The Successive Step is Creating a Roku Account

  • As and when the login credentials are created the user encounters the confirmation code as a result of the account credentials creation proceeding step
  • Then go to the reference link
  • That navigates the user to the URL of the random activation code feedback tab
  • There are options that will lead the user back to the account creation step if the user is on the page without a user id
  • Furthermore, the user after feeding the random Roku link code to the specified tab, the user needs to click the Submit Tab

How to Stream Favorite Web series and Movies on Roku TV ?

Roku streaming devices are connected to the Roku players via the outlet and then the Roku connection setup is done on the Roku TV via the navigation keys on the Roku remote.

How to stream my favorite web series and movies on Roku TV

How to stream my favorite web series and movies on Roku TV

The Roku Activation Steps are Simple for the Devices

  • Once the account is created, the user gets access to the Roku channel store
  • The channel store has a wide range of channels of all genres and in various languages
  • The next step that follows the channel subscription after the navigation is selecting the add channel button to finally initiate the downloading process
  • Once you download the channel proceed with installation option on the home page
  • Then check if the channel is added in the Users Roku account Channel list


  • The user will have access for channel navigation once they have Roku account
  • There are added subscription packages in the channel stores and these are a group of channels that can be availed only in that particular subscription package.
  • The added channel would take a while to get installed. The channel list on the users account wouldn’t show the newly added channel on the channel list.  In such cases, the user needs to refresh the channel list.

Avail the Premium Subscriptions Package 

  • The Roku channel store has various subscription packages with different channels
  • The user can select the monthly premium package that has the desired channels
  • The channels that have various movies channels with sports and kids’ special networks
  • The packages have a separate news network as well
  • There are many  features for the channels in the premium subscription
  • The channels have the pause and play option, that helps the user to watch the series on demand
  • The user can time the series being saved on the particular channel

Get Rid of Troubles While Activating Roku Streaming Device

Troubleshooting Guide for the Users

  • The foremost thing is to check the device activation deals with cords and cable connection
  • The user may come across the network errors flashing on the display screen
  • You can unplug the cable and connect them tightly
  •  Make sure that you plug  the Roku streaming device to the HDMI port of the Roku Player
  • While the account activation, the user name, and passwords should be unique
  • Moreover, the passwords are case sensitive and you should take care while you create it
  • Furthermore, enter the valid  activation code  in the activation page
  • The altered code would show a confirmed error message on the screen
  • Refresh the channel list if the added channel isn’t appearing in the channel list

How to Connect the Home Network and the Internet?

The Roku streaming devices help the user to connect to the internet to subscribe to the channel. Basically, the device will have two ways of connection namely wired and wireless setup. The user needs to select the appropriate connection type followed by the right network.

Then Accordingly Follow the Connection Steps

  • The user needs to select the network name
  • Then look for your network
  • There might be delays in the device IP address recognition
  • In that case, try re-scanning the networks

NOTE: The wired network would connect at the beginning of the network selection, once you select the wired option.

What If the Network Connections Fail on your Roku?

There is a simple way to sort out the issue. Just follow the simple steps given below-

  • Go to the setting
  • Select the network namely wired or wireless
  • Then press the option connect
  • The user should be aware that the wired option would prevail only when the Ethernet port is a connection to a Roku streaming device.

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