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Hulu is one major competitor for Netflix and with Hulu live on Roku, it is definitely attracting more users each day. Moreover, with Hulu channels on Roku, you get to watch not just movies and TV shows, but also news updates and other sporting events. And for that reason, you must complete the activation process on their website, The activation process requires every user to hold a Hulu account to access the Hulu app. In addition, to activate Hulu on Roku, you need a channel activation code. | Activate Hulu

Activate Hulu on Roku

Setup Roku Account to Activate Hulu on Roku

When you are using the Roku account for the first time, always remember that it must be linked to a Roku account; only then, will be the device be ready for adding and activating channels. On the other hand, you will also need a code to activate the device and link it to the account. To know how to retrieve this code from your Roku player, just visit our website and find the relevant guidelines.

  • Get the Roku code from the TV and then note it down before you take up the activation process
  • And then, enter this code on your link account, the one to which you would like to link the device
  • After this entire process, the Roku device connected to your TV will display a home screen with the Roku logo
  • If this does not appear, then it means that something went wrong during the activation process
  • It can be a Roku server issue, incorrect code issue or maybe even a network issue
  • Troubleshoot it accordingly, and then go ahead with the Hulu channel activation process on

How to Activate Hulu on Roku?

It is very easy to search for and find a Hulu channel on the Roku channel store as they are categorized according to different genres. For example, you will have the Hulu channel on Roku under the Movies and TV genre and hence, it quite easy to locate. After which, make use of the following instructions to complete using the hulu channel activation code.

  • Login to your Hulu account on their website or create a secure Hulu Sign in with a unique mail ID if you don’t already have one
  • In case of an existing subscription, request for a hulu channel activation code on
  • And for other users, choose between the various commitments available on hulu/activate website
  • When you pay towards the service, you will then be automatically provided with an activation code
  • Using this info, you will be able to Connect your Roku account with the hulu channel

Hulu Activate Sprint

You can now use your Sprint if you wish to activate a new Hulu account or change an existing one to a sprint offer.

  • Select the MY SPRINT option once you login to the corresponding Sprint account
  • You must then select CHANGE SERVICES after which, add to an existing line
  • You may have to activate the channel once again on

Hulu App

The app is compatible across many platforms with Roku being a major viewership contributor. Note that you can also activate Hulu app on your mobile, PC and other handheld devices with the right subscriptions.

Manage Hulu Devices

Hulu makes it clear that it allows only a single device to access a Hulu account at a given point in time. You may have to create multiple accounts to manage the channel on multiple devices. To activate the Hulu channel on any device, you can give us a call at our toll-free number +1-844-309-1320 or Visit 

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