Roku Streaming Player Setup

Roku plays a prominent role in the current trends of streaming devices. Different manifold entertaining contents are offered by the Roku. With the wide range of content availability, it remains as the one-stop destination for worldwide entertainments.

Roku setup process is not a complex one. The steps for the device setup are moreover similar for all the Roku device types. Following article will provide you the Roku setup procedure in a step by step way. You can use this approach for all types of Roku devices to connect your Roku using

Power up your Streaming Player

To begin with, in the Roku device package, ensure you have got all the following device and accessories

  • Roku streaming player
  • High-speed HDMI cable
  • Composition cable
  • Remote with batteries
  • Power cord

Connect the one end of the power cord to the power adapter and insert the other end to the streaming player. While inserting give a gentle press to make the firm connection. Plug the power adapter to the power supply to power up the device.

Streaming Player Setup

Streaming Player Setup

How to Connect your Streaming Player to the TV?

  • Before turning on the device, you should connect the streaming player to the TV using the high-speed HDMI cable
  • Roku streaming players work with all the televisions which have the HDMI port compatibility
  • Take the high-speed HDMI cable from the Roku package and connect the streaming player to your TV
  • Older televisions are in absence of this HDMI port
  • Use composite cable connections to connect the Roku with that kind of older television modes
Roku Streaming Player Setup

Roku Streaming Player Setup

Connect your Internet Network

  • Choose wired or wireless internet network, based on your comfort
  • If you choose wired connections, connect the Ethernet cable to the streaming player
  • Make sure the cable is connected firmly; otherwise the internet signal can be interrupted
  • If you prefer wireless connection mode, turn on your router and in the Roku device, search for the available internet networks, and choose your internet network provided
  • At maximum, place the router nearby to the streaming device to get a strong network connection
  • Remove the back cover of the remote and insert the two batteries in the space
  • Close the lid and check for navigation in your streaming player

Initial Roku Setup

  • In the first place, after power on the device, you should choose the language and location preference for the device
  • Select your choice in the menu by clicking the OK button in the Remote
  • Connect your streaming player to the internet network, and the device will start to download the latest Roku software for the first stage of installation
  • Adjust the display resolution by selecting the ‘Display type’ option under the settings menu
  • Sign in to your Roku account by giving the necessary credentials and start streaming the channels

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