The brand TCL has almost become synonymous with Roku TVs and in fact, they are the cheapest in the market. But that does not mean they compromise on the quality of the Roku output one bit. With the latest metallic finish and other technical improvements, the TCL Roku TV is here to stay.



Good Riddance to the Plastic

You will no longer see that plastic finish on any of the TCL TVs as they are now wrapped in a thin and a differently textured metal casing. This makes the device look more sophisticated in comparison to its predecessor TVs. Besides, it is also much sleeker and we can say, occupies lesser space on your TV table. You can either wall mount it or else make good use of the angled legs that accompany the latest TCL TV. In addition to all these ergonomic changes, you will also note that there is a huge power button on the front panel that makes it more convenient for wall-mounted devices.

The Roku Connect

Since this is a Roku TV, you can expect all good things come right at you through this very eligible TV.

  • Feature improvements and latest updates
  • Quick responsive menu options
  • Input naming and other similar customizations
  • The best apps to complement TV viewing
  • Supports live TV and on-demand content
  • Access to the largest 4K database
  • The universal search
  • Prompt suggestions and notifications
  • Ability to pause live TV

The Accompanying Remote

The remote is small and very elegant carrying a lesser number of keys when compared to older remotes. Remote finder and private listening are the usual pluses that you enjoy with a premium Roku Remote. And moreover, the built-in mic only make it more convenient to place a hold on your favorite channel or show. Besides, you can always use the remote controller app (Roku Mobile App) to avail all of the above-mentioned features.

Other Key Features

Technically, the TCL Roku TV is a sound device with major contributions to good quality audio and video outputs.

  • HDR10 and 4K compatible
  • Also, supports Dolby Vision
  • Flat screen LED TVs
  • Great brightness and picture quality
  • Features for backlight dimming
  • Houses the latest Contrast Control Zone Technology
  • Wide Color Gamut capabilities
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • A USB port
  • A headphone jack
  • RF antenna input
  • LAN input
  • Optical Digital audio output

If these features do not make your day for a perfect streaming, then we wonder what really would. Moreover, the TCL brand offers TVs in varying resolutions and sizes, each at its own cost, you must select one that suits your living room or bedroom. In case, you are planning to buy one for a commercial space, then we recommend you buy a bigger screen.


Like every other Roku device, the TCL Roku TV too must be activated which is a one-time exercise. Though the activation code and every other process is similar to other Roku devices, the initial setup is where you might need some assistance. Call us @ +1-844-309-1320 or visit to find the right support for installing and setting up your TCL TV.

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